Bladder Cancer Awareness Month 2023

What a month!

We can’t believe how fast Bladder Cancer Awareness Month flew by! It has been an exhilarating and rewarding journey. May was bursting with energy and enthusiasm, and we’re thrilled to share all the fantastic highlights with you.

We learned

Throughout May, our focus was on educating and raising awareness about different types of bladder cancer. Each week, we delved into a specific disease state, providing valuable information on treatment options, and we also offered patient stories, videos, podcasts, webinars, and much more. Click on the links below to dive deeper into each topic:

We walked

May was not only about knowledge and awareness; we also had the privilege of organizing the Walks to End Bladder Cancer in 15 incredible cities. And let’s not forget our Virtual Walk to End Bladder Cancer, which was a smashing success! If you missed the live broadcast, no worries. Click on the video below to experience the excitement!

We asked

Our annual Ask the Experts live event was an exceptional opportunity for everyone in our community. We were fortunate to have two leading bladder cancer doctors in the United States answering your important questions about the disease. Don’t miss out! Watch the video below to gain valuable insights from two amazing experts.

We celebrated

Last but certainly not least, we celebrated the indomitable spirit of our community by voting for a 2023 Beacon of Hope finalist. Nancy Parrish emerged as the winner, an extraordinary individual whose work has inspired us all. Click to learn more about Nancy and her incredible work as well as the two other finalists.

We give thanks

On behalf of the entire Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. Our vibrant, caring, and compassionate BCAN community is the driving force behind our mission to end bladder cancer and provide critical support to patients and caregivers. Although Bladder Cancer Awareness Month have ended, our essential work continues – thanks to you!

Learn more about bladder cancer

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Thank you

Many Bladder Cancer Awareness Month activities are supported by Gilead and we are grateful for their support.