Bladder Cancer Awareness Month 2024

What is Bladder Cancer Awareness Month?

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), observed every May, is a dedicated time to increase public awareness about bladder cancer, one of the most common cancers in the United States. This month is important because it focuses on raising knowledge about the risk factors, symptoms, and the latest treatment options for bladder cancer, aiming to promote early detection and support individuals impacted by this disease.

By bringing attention to this, the month helps to break down stigmas associated with bladder cancer, fosters a supportive community for patients and their families, and underscores the importance of regular medical check-ups for early diagnosis.

Throughout May, we also focus on educating and raising awareness about different types of bladder cancer. During the month, we delve into a specific disease state, providing valuable information on treatment options, and we also offer patient stories, videos, podcasts, webinars, and much more. Click on the links below to dive deeper into each topic:

How do we celebrate BCAM?

May is full of activities in observance of Bladder Cancer Awareness Month. Those include:

  • Walks to End Bladder Cancer: Participating in a Walk to End Bladder Cancer is important for raising awareness and funds to support bladder cancer advocacy, patient support, and research. These signature Walk events help to increase public understanding of bladder cancer and help BCAN continue to provide critical resources for patients and their families. Find a Walk near you and join us!
  • Ask the Experts: This unique, interactive Zoom session offers members of the BCAN community an exclusive opportunity to engage directly with two of the United States’ foremost bladder cancer specialists, and previous BCAN Young Investigator Award recipients, Dr. Brendan Guercio, a medical oncologist at the University of Rochester, and Dr. Matthew Mossanen, a urologist at Harvard Medical Center. You can learn more and register here.
  • Art As Therapy: During May, BCAN will be featuring works of art from members of our community who have expressed that producing the art has helped them deal with their own bladder cancer diagnosis or that of a loved one. These will appear on the BCAN web site and our Facebook page as well.
  • Beacon of Hope: Each year, we extend an invitation to nominate those extraordinary individuals who have illuminated someone’s path through a bladder cancer journey. Nominations close in April and in May, we ask people to vote for the person whom they feel is most deserving of this honor.

Learn more about bladder cancer

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