Podcast: Unbreakable Spirit – Conquering Bladder Cancer with Dean Karrel


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In this episode of Bladder Cancer Matters, host Rick Bangs chats with Dean Karrel. Dive into Dean’s powerful journey as a bladder cancer survivor, from his initial diagnosis to life after a radical cystectomy. Dean shares the symptoms that led to his life-changing diagnosis, the resilience he maintained through treatments that failed him like BCG and Gemcitabine, and his decision for life-saving surgery.

His story is a unfiltered look at the challenges post-surgery, the crucial role of support from nurses and care teams, and his gratitude towards them.

Dean highlights the importance of organizations like BCAN in supporting bladder cancer patients and calls on patients to advocate for themselves, ask questions, and live fully post-diagnosis. His journey isn’t just about survival; it’s an inspiring call to action, emphasizing strength, advocacy, and hope. Join us to be moved and motivated by Dean’s indomitable spirit.

You can read more about Dean’s bladder cancer story here.

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