What is a Rare Bladder Cancer Tumor? with Dr. Philippe Spiess


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In this episode of Bladder Cancer Matters, host Rick Bangs talks with Dr. Philippe Spiess, a Genitourinary Oncologist and Assistant Chief of Surgical Services at the Moffitt Cancer Center as they discuss rare cancers.

Dr. Spiess explains that rare cancers are defined as those with an incidence of 40,000 cases or less per year in the United States. However, he notes that the definition of rare cancers should also take into account factors such as expertise, patient advocacy, resources, support services, and clinical trials.

Dr. Spiess emphasizes the importance of personalized medicine and precision oncology in the treatment of rare cancers. He also discusses the challenges and opportunities in studying and treating rare cancers, including the need for global collaboration, access to clinical trials, and the representation of patient voices.

Dr. Spiess highlights the work of the Global Society of Rare Genitorinary Tumors (GSRGT) in advancing research, education, and patient advocacy in the field of rare cancers. He encourages individuals to visit the GSRGT website and reach out for more information or to provide feedback.

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