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  • Liliana’s Story: “Just keep moving forward.”

    Listen to our podcast with Liliana: While training for a marathon, Liliana Martin first noticed blood in her urine. Despite initial tests showing minimal blood, doctors dismissed it as a side effect of running or a kidney stone. A year later, the blood reappeared more intensely while training for… Read More
  • Rick’s Story: “I was spared to help save others.”

    A seemingly insignificant black speck in his urine during a routine bathroom break turned out to be a signal of a profound change in Rick Bulifant’s life. What started as a tiny anomaly led him down a path of medical appointments, a daunting diagnosis, and eventually, a life-saving surgery. This… Read More
  • Duke’s Story: “It all comes down to the choices that we make in life.”

    Duke Dahlin never imagined that traces of blood in his urine would later lead to a diagnosis of stage two bladder cancer. After a challenging recovery and with the support of family and BCAN, he navigated this journey and has returned to doing the things he used to love. Duke’s… Read More
  • Tim’s Story: “We are strong. We are positive. We are together.”

    Tim Stanley came across blood in his urine, thinking it was a kidney stone, but further tests revealed not just stones but something he never expected: bladder cancer. His recovery was not easy, but with support from his family and the BCAN community, his journey taught him the importance of… Read More
  • Noelle’s Story: “I felt relieved I wasn’t alone.”

    What initially felt like cramps, eventually resulted in blood in Noelle Bhenning’s urine which revealed something she would have never expected: bladder cancer. Now, she undergoes regular cystoscopies to manage her condition but found solace in the BCAN community in being able to share her story to support others. This… Read More
  • Jon’s Story: “I encourage folks to do their own research.”

    It began with subtle signs dismissed until a pivotal moment sparked urgent action. From diagnosis to treatment, setbacks to triumphs, Jon Treffert’s story encapsulates the essence of perseverance and the transformative power of modern medicine. Here is Jon’s story about navigating his bladder cancer journey through uncertainty, hope, and the… Read More
  • Frank’s Story: “We are not alone in this battle.”

    It was the Spring of 2023 when Frank Boyer received the devastating diagnosis of bladder cancer. Despite his initial shock, surrounded by loved ones and guided by his medical team, he embarked on a journey of resilience and determination. Here is his story: “You have cancer,” those are words… Read More
  • Brian’s Story

    A routine MRI for a work-related injury revealed a jarring presence: a hidden tumor in Brian’s bladder. He had actually had blood in his urine since 2018. Following a transurethral resection of bladder tumor, the diagnosis was clear: bladder cancer. Yet, amidst uncertainty, Brian Trickel found solace in the support… Read More
  • Colleen’s Story: “It is important to take each day as it comes because the obstacles seem insurmountable in the beginning.”

    Colleen Griffin’s journey began with a puzzling diagnosis of interstitial cystitis. Despite treatments, her symptoms persisted. Hope flickered with a mysterious back implant but a month later, strange pains led to a revealing CT scan – bladder cancer. Through chemotherapy and a radical cystectomy, she persevered with unwavering support. Today,… Read More