“It is our hope that the My Bladder Cancer Story campaign will be an avenue for those affected by bladder cancer to share their stories to be a voice for those who, for far too long, have felt alone in this fight against this disease.”

Andrea Maddox-Smith, BCAN CEO
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  • Brian’s Story

    A routine MRI for a work-related injury revealed a jarring presence: a hidden tumor in Brian’s bladder. He had actually had blood in his urine since 2018. Following a transurethral resection of bladder tumor, the diagnosis was clear: bladder cancer. Yet, amidst uncertainty, Brian Trickel found solace in the support… Read More
  • Colleen’s Story: “It is important to take each day as it comes because the obstacles seem insurmountable in the beginning.”

    Colleen Griffin’s journey began with a puzzling diagnosis of interstitial cystitis. Despite treatments, her symptoms persisted. Hope flickered with a mysterious back implant but a month later, strange pains led to a revealing CT scan – bladder cancer. Through chemotherapy and a radical cystectomy, she persevered with unwavering support. Today,… Read More
  • Ronald’s Story: “Trust your gut.”

    During a routine bathroom visit, the sight of very dark urine followed by pure red prompted urgent calls to the urologist and primary care doctor. Confirmatory tests, including X-rays and a cystoscopy, swiftly revealed the truth: a bladder tumor. At that moment, the line between the familiar and the unknown… Read More
  • Anita’s Story: “We have to be our own advocates and live life as bravely and as fully as we can.”

    It started with a seemingly innocent symptom: blood in her urine. Initially dismissed as a urinary tract infection by her general practitioner, Anita sought a second opinion in December 2019. By January 2020, the reappearance of blood in her urine prompted an urgent referral to a urologist which led to… Read More
  • Bonnie’s Story: “The greatest stress during all this time is not knowing how things will turn out.”

    As a caregiver to her husband Larry, their journey took an unexpected turn in 2021 when what they thought was a routine prostate issue turned out to be bladder cancer. Despite initial misdiagnoses, a cystoscopy revealed the presence of a tumor. Bonnie emphasizes the importance of active involvement in appointments… Read More
  • Joe’s Story: “I am not alone on this journey.”

    Amid other health issues, Joe Moore’s bladder cancer diagnosis arrived unexpectedly. The sight of blood in his urine prompted concern which encouraged him to undergo tests where it was revealed that he had a tumor in his bladder. He embarked on his journey into a cancer diagnosis, marked by uncertainty… Read More
  • Jim’s Story: “It’s been a long journey, but I’ve been hopeful all the time. There is a positive out of this.”

    Blood in the urine led Jim Rieker to a startling discovery: a tumor in his bladder. Diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer, swift action was required. He braced himself for surgery to confront this relentless adversary. However, through his discovery of BCAN, as well as guidance from a bladder cancer survivor… Read More
  • Dean’s Story: “You have to remember that life does not end when you’re diagnosed with bladder cancer.”

    Listen to our interview with Dean on BCAN’s Bladder Cancer Matters podcast: An overseas restroom stop transformed into an unforeseen encounter for Dean Karrel. The presence of blood in his urine hinted at more than a momentary worry. Upon returning to the States, he confronted an unexpected twist in… Read More
  • Bill’s Story: “I am eternally grateful I discovered bladder preservation.”

    The concept of bladder preservation was foreign to Bill Moroney until he received the startling news of a bladder cancer diagnosis following a visit to his family doctor. In the ensuing months, he grappled with a whirlwind of emotions, struggling to comprehend the implications of his diagnosis. Determined to confront the… Read More