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  • David’s Story: “Make your first shot your best shot, even if it’s going to be a harder route.”

    An annual check-up took a distressing turn when David Klaus unexpectedly received a bladder cancer diagnosis. The discovery of blood in his urine had initially raised his concerns, but he never anticipated such a diagnosis. Despite the challenges he has encountered along his bladder cancer journey, he imparts a valuable… Read More
  • Len’s Story: “I noticed blood in my urine, and I said, This is really not good, period.”

    A bladder cancer diagnosis was the last thing Len Magnus expected to hear after seeing blood in his urine. His journey has not been easy, filled with many medical procedures, but he believes one of the things that helped him overcome his diagnosis was being able to be part of… Read More
  • Don’s Story: “Thanks to a totally unrelated cardiac MRI, my bladder cancer was caught before it could do further harm.”

    Don Hopkins was taken by surprise when his prostate cancer diagnosis unexpectedly uncovered bladder cancer as well. Despite the initial shock, he approached his diagnosis with determination and readiness. Don has faced significant challenges during his bladder cancer journey, but he considers himself fortunate that it was detected early. At… Read More
  • Timothy’s Story: “I knew if I stood up at that moment, I was going to pass out”

    “You have bladder cancer” are the words Timothy Powell never expected to hear. Throughout his career as an internal medicine physician and pediatrician, he devoted himself to caring for patients and assisting them in coping with their diagnoses. He never imagined that he would be on the receiving end of… Read More
  • Shannon’s Story: “This experience doesn’t define who I am at my core.”

    At just 35 years old, Shannon received a bladder cancer diagnosis. She opens up about her experience managing this illness while continuing to work, highlighting its effects on her career, mental well-being, and physical health. Despite the difficulties of her diagnosis, Shannon’s message is clear – bladder cancer doesn’t… Read More
  • Ana’s Story: “All I could think of was my three sons”

    “I just had this voice inside of me saying, “This isn’t normal. This isn’t right.” Just days following her 50th birthday, Ana Franks heard the three words she feared the most: you have cancer. She shares her moving story of being diagnosed with bladder cancer in hopes of helping current… Read More
  • Gary and Cecilia: Be Thankful That Every Day is Another Day of Success

    BCAN had the pleasure of speaking with Gary and Cecilia DeVore. Gary was diagnosed with stage three muscle-invasive bladder cancer in January 2021. The DeVores shed light on their journey from a caregiver and patient point of view. BCAN: What symptoms did you experience before your diagnosis? Gary: I noticed… Read More
  • Nicholas’s Story: “I would not trade being with my mom the last months of her life for anything”

    Nicholas, who lost his mother, Pamela Lightcap Simpson, in July of 2021, shares her journey with bladder cancer and the importance of an organization such as BCAN to bring awareness to this disease. Nicholas feels indebted to have spent valuable moments with her, even those that were a blessing in… Read More
  • Sebrena’s Story: Bladder Cancer Turned Into “Resolution”

    Editor’s note: BCAN had the pleasure of speaking with Sebrena on her bladder cancer diagnosis anniversary. When asked how she felt about being a one-year survivor, she stated “I am stronger in one sense, but the struggle is still present.”  This is her story. In March 2022, I noticed… Read More